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Basic RiderCourse

Learn to ride! Get your license!

Course Description:
Basic Rider Course - Students receiving instruction at our range at Irving Mall, Texas
Our Basic RiderCourse is approximately 15 hours long, conducted over a period of 2 consecutive days. It consists of pre-course online training, classroom exercises, and on-motorcycle or on-scooter instruction, and includes a variety of learning activities. 
Classroom experiences consists of approximately 5 hours of RiderCoach-led discussions and the utilization of interactive multimedia. As part of the classroom portion of your training, there is an eCourse component that must be completed prior to class attendance. This eCourse is a highly interactive online program that will provide you with the basics of motorcycling, and will get you ready for your training course. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete the online course, but can be completed in segments. However, it must be completed in its entirety, prior to class attendance, so make sure to allow time to complete your eCourse when registering for a class. 
On-motorcycle/ on-scooter instruction is conducted on a paved area away from street traffic. This portion of the curriculum consists of approximately 10 hours of instruction that includes 14 on-motorcycle exercises. Evaluation for the Basic RiderCourse consists of an end-of- course skill test.
The course is based on years of scientific research and field experience which has successfully trained over 4 million participants to date. It provides you the basic entry- level skills to begin practicing and developing the mental and motor skills important for safe street operation. It provides you, whether you are a inexperienced, or an experienced motorcyclists, the basic riding skills, which you can then apply to street riding situations using defensive riding strategies.
When you successfully complete the Basic Rider Course, you will receive a Texas Department of Public Safety standardized Motorcycle Operator Course Completion Card (MSB-8), specifying that you completed the Basic Rider Course. This card in most cases will allow you to waive the motorcycle license skills test, as well as qualify for Motorcycle Insurance Discount.
In order to take the Basic RiderCourse, you DO NOT need to own or be able to operate a motorcycle. However, you must be at least 15 years of age*, have the ability to ride and balance a bicycle, and be physically and mentally capable of being licensed.
You must also wear protective clothing and equipment during the course. Please visit our GO GEAR GUIDE section for more details.
If you are 18 years and older, you will need to bring proof of identity (Government issued photo ID). No driver’s license is required to take the course. 
If you are 15-17 years of age, you will need to present your Class C permit or license. Please visit our REQUIREMENTS FOR MINORS section for additional requirements.  
*REQUIREMENTS FOR MINORS (15-17 years of age):
Please visit our REQUIREMENTS FOR MINORS section for more details.
Are you ready to learn, and have fun at the same time? Sign up now! More questions? Visit our FAQ 
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