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Basic RiderCourse 2

Advance your skills to a higher level.

Course Description:
This is an excellent refresher course for practicing and renewing basic riding skills.
And best of all, you get to use your own motorcycle! It is designed to improve your knowledge of street survival skills and skills in cornering, braking, and swerving to avoid obstacles. This course consists of approximately 5 hours of on-cycle instruction, on a paved area away from street traffic.
Upon completion of Basic Rider Course 2, you will receive a Texas Department of Public Safety standardized Motorcycle Operator Course Completion Card (MSB-8), specifying that you completed the Basic Rider Course 2. This card may be utilized for ticket dismissal* and insurance discounts.
*upon court approval.
Course Requirements:
This course is designed for experienced, licensed motorcyclists. Before enrolling, you should have several months of riding experience that include a variety of situations; residential streets, freeways, rural and congested highways.
You must also have:
1. CURRENT, VALID MOTORCYCLE LICENSE: You must have the “M” class 
endorsement on your drivers license. It cannot be a “restricted” “M” class.
2. YOUR OWN MOTORCYCLE: Your motorcycle must be properly registered and insured to be used for this course. It must also pass T-CLOC’S inspection: Download it here!
3. PROTECTIVE GEAR AND EQUIPMENT: You must also wear protective clothing and equipment during the course. Please visit our GO GEAR GUIDE section for more details.
Enroll now, or get together a group of your riding friends and take this course together! More Questions? Visit our FAQ 
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