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Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic

Course Description

GO Motorcycle Training School is the first in North Texas to offer this new and exciting program! Developed by former National Champion, motorcycle racer and moto-journalist Lee Parks, The Intermediate Riding clinic, is a premium, one day motorcycle training course, designed for experienced riders who already own a 2 wheel, street legal motorcycle or scooter, and want to take their riding skills to the next level, or motorcyclists who have been riding for years without obtaining an “M” endorsement on their driver’s license. Yes, you read it right, now Texas riders have a one-day course that meets the Texas Department of Public Safety’s requirements for obtaining a class M license! In addition, this course can also be used for ticket dismissal (with court approval).

What will you learn in the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic? In the IRC you will learn the critical information and skills to make you a better, more knowledgeable and a safer rider. This important step in rider training will focus on better control of your motorcycle including: maximum braking, swerving and cornering skills. These key elements will provide considerable skill improvements and really boost your confidence out on the road.

Our dynamic classroom sections include: maximizing traction management, how to choose proper lines through the turns as well as the psychological aspects of motorcycling like overcoming fear, keeping your concentration and having the right attitude. This fun and exciting class will put a smile on your face and give you a whole new perspective for your next ride.

Total Control IRC includes:

  • * Throttle control
  • * Brake control
  • * Vision
  • * Line selection
  • * Low-speed turning
  • * Evasive maneuvers
  • * Road-speed turning

Prerequisites: Good condition-street legal, registered, and insured motorcycle. Protective riding gear (long sleeve shirt, long pants, shoes or boots that cover your ankle bone) is required.

Please note: This program is for experienced riders. It will contain a qualifying first exercise, that you will need to pass in order to remain in the course. You must be able to start out smoothly, shift into second gear (if applicable) stop smoothly, then make a 90 degree turn from a stop within 20 feet. If you have never ridden a motorcycle, or you feel you cannot perform the qualifying riding exercise, then the MSF Basic RiderCourse is a better choice for you.

For locations and class schedule click here.

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