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Scooter School

Got a Scooter? Get your license!

Special pricing!
Here in the state of Texas you need a “M” class endorsement, whether you will be riding a motorcycle or a scooter. So, we train scooters and motorcyclist together, since many of skills needed to enjoy riding are the same! Scooterists signing up for the Scooter School will be taking the Basic RiderCourse, but will be riding one of our scooters during the training.
As part of the Basic RiderCourse you will learn basic scooter operation, maximum effective braking techniques, turning skills and obstacle avoidance maneuvers, in approximately 5 hours of classroom instruction and approximately  ten hours of “on cycle” training. Please visit our Basic RiderCourse section for more detailed information regarding the class. 
Upon successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse, you will receive the Motorcycle Operator Training Course Completion Card (MSB-8),  which is necessary for you to obtain a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license. 
In order to take the Basic RiderCourse, you DO NOT need to own or be able to operate a scooter. However, you must be at least 15 years of age*, have the ability to ride and balance a bicycle, and be physically and mentally capable of being licensed. 
You must also wear protective clothing and equipment during the course. Please visit our GO GEAR GUIDE section for more details. 
So, scoot on over here and sign up now for Scooter training with GO Motorcycle Training!
More questions? Visit our FAQ.
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