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Anytime you are taking one of our courses you are required to wear the following gear while riding the motorcycles:

1. HELMET:  We provide D.O.T. approved helmets for you to use during the course.  If you have your own helmet, you are welcome to use it as long as it is DOT approved; look for the DOT sticker in the back of your helmet to make sure it meets the requirements. 

2. FULL-FINGERED GLOVES: These can be any pair of gloves that you own that are full-fingered. Leather palms are preferred, since they provide better grip, but not necessary. If you do not bring your own to class, we have gloves available for you to use during the course. 

3. EYE PROTECTION: You need to wear some sort of eye protection during the course. These can be a pair of sunglasses, prescription glasses, or goggles. If you are wearing your own helmet, and it has a face shield, then you are good to GO as the face shield counts as your eye protection. 

4. OVER THE ANKLE FOOTWEAR: Your shoes must be able to cover and protect your ankle bone, so it is necessary to wear either boots, or padded high top athletic shoes. If you are wearing boots, it is recommended that these are low-heeled, and have a rubber sole since they provide a better grip. 

5. LONG SLEEVE SHIRT/JACKET: You must wear a long sleeve shirt or jacket while you are on the motorcycle trainers. A light colored, long sleeve shirt is suggested during the hot weather months as it detracts the heat. A long sleeve sweater, and/or jacket is suggested during the cold weather months. Best thing to do is dress in layers, since you can adjust as the temperature changes throughout the day. 

6. LONG PANTS: You must wear long pants while taking the course. A sturdy pair of pants such as jeans is highly recommended. 

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