Basic RiderCourse (BRC)

Welcome to our Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic RiderCourse

A comprehensive program designed to equip you with essential motorcycling skills. This 16-hour course seamlessly blends online training with on-motorcycle or on-scooter instruction, creating an engaging and effective learning experience.

Course Overview

The course begins with 5 hours of interactive online training, covering the fundamental aspects of motorcycling. This eCourse, designed to be completed before attending the in-person sessions, establishes a strong foundation for your training. While it takes a minimum of 5 hours to finish, you can complete it in segments to fit your schedule.

The on-motorcycle or on-scooter instruction, totaling up to 11 hours spread over 2 consecutive days, takes place on a dedicated paved area, free from vehicular traffic. Here, you'll engage in 14 distinct on-motorcycle exercises, each progressively enhancing your skills. The culmination of the Basic Rider Course is an end-of-course skill test, assessing your newfound abilities.

Course Benefits

Drawing from years of scientific research and field experience, this course has successfully trained over 4 million participants. It equips you with essential entry-level skills for safe street operation, whether you're a novice or an experienced rider. The emphasis is on foundational riding skills and the application of defensive riding strategies to real-world situations.

Course Completion

Upon successful completion, you'll receive a Texas Department of Public Safety Motorcycle Operator Course Completion Card (MSB-8). This card is proof that you have satisfied the State of Texas Motorcycle training requirement, thus qualifying you for a Motorcycle Endorsement on your driver’s license. It also may qualify you for a Motorcycle Insurance Discount, check with your insurance provider for details.


  • You must be at least 15 years old.
  • Possess the ability to ride and balance a bicycle.
  • Be physically and mentally capable of obtaining a license.

Protective clothing and equipment are mandatory throughout the course, with no exceptions. Visit our GO GEAR GUIDE for detailed information.

For participants 18 years and older, proof of identity (Government-issued photo ID) is required. No driver’s license is needed to take the course.

If you're aged 15-17, present your Class C permit or license. Explore our REQUIREMENTS FOR MINORS section for additional details.

Ready to Learn?

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