Basic RiderCourse License Waiver (1 day training) (BRC2)

Course Description

If you already have some riding experience under your belt and are looking to enhance your motorcycle skills while also obtaining your motorcycle license, the Basic RiderCourse 2 is an ideal option for you. This one-day course shares similarities with the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) but involves higher speeds and allows you to use your own motorcycle or scooter. It serves as an excellent refresher to fine-tune your riding abilities and renew your knowledge.

Course Highlights

  • Low-speed maneuvering practice
  • Improved swerving, braking, and cornering techniques
  • Online "Street Strategies" training session
  • Informal classroom discussions on safety concepts based on your riding experiences


Before enrolling in this course, you should have several months of riding experience in various settings, including residential streets, freeways, rural and congested highways. You should also be capable of executing turns, u-turns, figure 8's, and circles with confidence.

Please note that there will be a skills assessment prior to the class to ensure that you can perform the basic riding skills mentioned above. Failing to pass this assessment will prevent you from attending the class, but you'll have the option to reschedule for the Basic RiderCourse at a reduced fee on another date. No refunds will be provided for not passing the skills assessment, so ensure you have the required skills before registering.

Materials Required

  1. Street Strategies eCourse: This online course, included in your tuition, must be completed at home before the first day of the course. You'll receive instructions on how to access the eCourse via email after registering. You can complete the eCourse at your own pace and pause it as needed.
  2. A 2-Wheel Motorcycle (or Scooter): If you choose to use your own motorcycle or scooter, ensure it is properly registered and insured for use in the course. It must also pass T-CLOC's inspection.
  3. Protective Gear and Equipment: During the course, you must wear appropriate protective clothing and gear. Visit our GO GEAR GUIDE section for more details.

Feel free to enroll individually or gather a group of your riding friends to take this course together. If you have more questions, visit our FAQ for additional information. Get ready to enhance your riding skills and secure your Texas motorcycle endorsement!

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